Just Breathe!

In many of my coaching sessions, the reoccurring issue I see with my clients is that they have a hard time breathing properly.

They have been walking around with their problems for so long. They are filled with worry, anxiety, stress and don’t have any room for breath.

What I’ve noticed is, that when my clients carry a lot of tension in their bodies. Their physical reaction is that they take shallow breaths and have a hard time breathing deeply.

People enduring stress over longer periods don’t even notice that they are not breathing properly. It just becomes a pain among others.

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A client came to me because she was constantly breathless. She was a healthy woman, non-smoker, non-drinker, exercised regularly, and lived healthily. But still, she was out of breath all the time. When we worked on her challenges, she had so much tension in her body that she was literally filled up.

After working with her for a couple of sessions and succeeding in removing her tension. Her breathing became so much better and she felt like a new person. She had this condition for so long that she thought. This was just how it was supposed to be. To be able to breathe properly again was such an unbelievable experience for her.

Shallow breaths and have a hard time breathing

What I have noticed in my clients is that when they have a lot of things to think about or have tension in their bodies, they start to breathe shallowly. They try not to deal with their inner turmoil and keep pushing the problems away.

But the problem doesn’t go away. Instead, it just keeps building up and turns into real physical pain or issues in the body. Pushing things away is never a solution, you have to deal with them.

As we age our breath capacity decreases. There is a link between shortness of breath and heart disease, and poor breathing can also cause high blood pressure. If we don’t get enough oxygen to all our cells, our bodies can become exposed to all sorts of diseases.

Did you know that cancer can’t survive in a well-oxygenated body?

According to Psychology Today, more and more studies are supporting the idea. That doctors should focus on meditation and breathing exercises to battle some of our current diseases.

It’s important that you keep an eye on your breathing.

It is even more important that you breathe PROPER, breathing is life. Have you noticed how a couple of deep breaths can calm, and relax your mind and help you think clearly?

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So what do you do next time you are worried and don’t know what to do?


I always tell my clients to write their thoughts down. When you write things down and think about how they make you feel, you get those things out of your system. You don’t have to use time and energy to think about them or push those thoughts away. You can think more clearly and easily find ways to solve your problems before they grow out of proportion.

Take action over some time like a month. Your journal should give you a pretty good idea about what you think about the most throughout the day. Write down both the positive and the negative.

Work on changing your negative beliefs.

Start writing down 3 things daily that you appreciate about yourself. Do it at least for 21 days, that’s how long it takes to change a habit.

Start doing something nice for yourself, and start appreciating yourself. Make yourself feel good.

Do things that are good for your body, such as walking, running, or exercising. Do whatever makes you feel good.

If your problems can’t be dealt with, it’s always a good idea to get a life coach who can help sort things out with you.

When you are in control of your mind instead of your mind controlling you. Things start changing for the better.

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