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  • Colorism Starts At Home

    This video was a flashback to my childhood. I got so sad and then angry, are we still there?I had hoped that we had progressed further from colorism and from…

  • Why let skin decide our value?

    A new awareness is rising in the South Asian community, discrimination towards dark and black skin color. This has been going on for centuries and the issue has been raised…

  • When You Teach A Child To Hate

    “Teaching a child how to hate is teaching a child to be a negative person in general.” Nobody is born hating, so why do parents teach their children to hate…

  • Hope in Challenging Times

    A lot has happened since last I wrote. I have given birth to a beautiful daughter. Who is turning 1 in a couple of days and I have been taking…

Hi I'm Shamaila

I am an author and inspirational writer who have dedicated my work to provide children and adults with literary lessons for life, as well as empowering advice and directions for finding the greatness within themselves. I use my wealth of experience to write on topics in the self-development niche to provide support for people who struggle with challenges in their life.

Born and raised in Denmark by Pakistani parents, I have a diverse and culturally rich childhood which has gifted me with a depth of experience and understanding for the possibilities, changes, and challenges children and young adults face in their early years.

My books are a marvelous demonstration of how these questions can be addressed and raise concern that often goes unvoiced by young children in a positive and imaginative way that’s fun to read.

Howtoimprovemyself is my platform where I share valuable advice, guidelines, and encourage readers to live up to one’s full potential. My content intends to be uplifting and bestow you with a feel for possibilities and different paths for you to take., while also addressing serious subject matters with targeted and enriching solutions.

More About Me

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Start to grow your business with the best tips!

Here is your chance to get access to my exclusive freebies!