Hi, my name is Shamaila. I am the author of Howtoimprovemyself.com.
So what is Howtoimprovemyself about?
Hmm, that’s a hard one (joke) No, it’s about how to make necessary improvements in your life and to have someone who can relate.

Born and raised in Denmark by Pakistani parents has given me a diverseAbout Howtoimprovemyself
and culturally rich childhood influenced by both Denmark and Pakistan.
Then I went and married a Swedish man. I now have two Swedish/ Pakistani kids.Who is raised in a Danish/Swedish/Pakistani household if that makes sense?

I’m a wife to my biggest cheerleader. Mother to two wonderful kids (doesn’t every parent say that..?) But they are truly wonderful and make my life richer just by existing. It doesn’t mean they can’t be soooo annoying, because they can be and are (at times).
On the other hand, I guess the push and pull makes them more independent and makes me love them harder.

I am a restless soul trying to find her way, love being creative and trying new things. I’m a children’s book author, coach, freelancer, translator, producer, voiceover actor….you name it, and I want to try it.

That’s a bit about me. Hope you like to stick around and find out more!