Photo cred. Jiah Ali @jiah_ali (Instagram)

Chai Wala – When Opportunities Come Knocking

Photo Cred. Jiah Ali @jiah_ali (instagram)

Today I’m sincerely happy in my heart because I’ve witnessed something really amazing.You might all have heard of this Chai Wala (tea seller) Arshad Khan from Islamabad, Pakistan.
If you haven’t, then this post is about a guy that served tea in the streets of Islamabad in Pakistan, and who went viral on the Internet in the shortest amount time.

I remember a couple of days ago when I first saw his picture on Instagram while scrolling through. It was a simple picture saying that Pakistan has some hot Chai Wala’s. I thought it was funny because it was true, he was a good looking man. I didn’t think much of it at the time. The next day there were more posts of this Chai Wala. More memes with him all dressed up (photoshopped), and people were rooting for him to become a model or start a film career. I thought it was funny because I thought that this poor guy, does he even know what was going on?

Yesterday almost every other picture in my feed was of this Chai Wala: people following him on the street, interviewing him and taking more pictures of him.

Suddenly without knowing it, even I was rooting for him to make it to something big. You sort of have to, if your picture goes viral on the internet like that.
I told my husband about this Chai Wala that I had seen in my feed constantly for the last couple of days, and we talked about how cool it would be if this guy landed a modeling contract or became something huge.
How life can surprise you

How Life Surprise you

What I love about this story is, that life is not easy in Pakistan. Most of the time we only hear about the bad things like rich getting richer, poor getting poorer and people suffering.
What’s amazing about this story is that a simple man serving tea on the streets of Islamabad, who didn’t have much of a future nor the best conditions in life, just comes to work one day and a woman named Jiah Ali (@jiah_ali), God bless her changed his life with one shot. It’s just too good to be true.

Today my husband sent me an article that the Chai Wala had landed a modeling contract. Not only have he gotten a deal, but his friends have also gotten opportunities as well, they are helping him with his social media profiling. In reality, a woman’s shot not only created an opportunity for him it also created opportunities for his friends. How amazing isn’t that?!

Chai Wala lands modeling contract.

This guy, 18 years old with 17 brothers and sisters made it! And all because people, strangers who didn’t know him, was rooting for him and wanting the best for him. Let’s try to look past the fact that it was his blue eyes that stole the show and instead focus on how social media can affect somebodies life like that, and completely change it.

How social media affect our kids.

Social media can be really rough sometimes, but then other times it can create magic.

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