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How Social Media Affect Our Kids

As I’m scrolling through Instagram or any social media in general.

I see so many comments about people’s looks. It doesn’t matter if it’s a child or a grownup, people are ruthless with their comments.

If you open up the newspaper. There are so many stories about pictures of young kids getting exploited on social media with devastating consequences.

Being online and using social media is not always a good idea, Surprise!

The consequence of kids using social media has come as a surprise to a lot of parents. This is understandable, this is new for us! We don’t always know what our kids are looking at online.

We live in a time where it is expected to be busy busy busy. Super moms and dads have demanding jobs, a social life, and also be there for their kids. Unrealistic goal, I know! It is hard to present 100% all the time.

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Being online our kids are getting more and more affected by social media. Where looks are almost what matters.

From an early age, they start getting fixated on how they look. Many of them are alone with a feeling of not being good enough, cool enough, or pretty enough.

Working with young girls with insecurities

I know that many of them feel lonely in their insecurity. They don’t know how to handle these feelings, some of them turn inward and start hurting themselves by cutting or starving, and others go in another direction and start posting provocative pictures of themselves on social media. They become victims of group pressure and do stuff they would normally never do.

These things make them feel even more insecure, misunderstood, and uncared for. They don’t want to talk to adults or parents about it. Because they don’t feel understood.

But communication is the key.

It is important to make children feel safe enough to come to us. We try to understand where they are coming from without anger or judgment.

As parents or adult family members, it’s important that we build a strong core in our kids. We make sure to help them be as mentally and emotionally strong that they won’t become a victim of group pressure or feel the need to wanting to hurt themselves. We as adults must be available for our children and help them navigate whatever issue they have.

My book Rosebud and the Mushroom family

Teaches kids that they are special and unique; it helps them understand that they are precious just the way they are.

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One of the most complex parts of parenting is knowing how to support and encourage your children and still be able to challenge them to be themselves and do more with life. Kids need to feel valued, appreciated, and accepted the way they are. To know that they don’t have to do anything ‘special’ to be accepted. It also teaches parents that just a little hug, time or that says “you are special” may be all it takes to help a child feel safe and loved.


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