Sometimes All You Need Is A Chance To Prove Yourself

Sometimes all we need is an opportunity to prove that if we got the chance, we can and will do our best.

Thinking about it , how many times haven’t I received emails about all the money I could acquire if I just sent my info or bank  data.
Or mails like, please help by sending money and then I will receive millions upon millions back. I have always just deleted those email because I know they are just scammer emails.

Lately, funny stories have surfaced about scammers been scammed, but at the same time some incredible stories has come out of it too.

Watching this video touched me, sometimes all people need is a helping hand to prove their worth.
When they get the chance, it just blows up to such proportions that nobody had imagined.

By D Grace of God, he delivered and he delivered big time, please enjoy this video and I hope it touches you as much as it touched me.

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From Scammer To Saint

Video by Pleasent Green

If you want to support Pleasent Green in his pursuit to help the people of Liberia, you can click here.

I wonder maybe next time, I get a scammer mail I should write back and ask whats up?

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