Against all odds

Against All Odds

Imagine the odds of losing your mother at the age of 12, and two years later, you lose your father.
Then your brother dies when you are 16. Just when you think you have nothing left to lose, at the age of 16 1/2 you find out that you are born without a womb, and that you can never have kids.

Just what are the odds!

How do you go on from that?
It surely takes a very strong person to move on and create a good for themselves.

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What I do know is that it takes a really strong person to go against all odds and still manage to find a meaning in life.
Meet Louise, an amazing woman, who found strength in caring for others.

See this video and find out what a difference her love has made in peoples lives.

The Woman Without A Womb Who’s Been A Mother to 48 Kids                       | Amazing Humans

Video by BBC Three

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