Help Children Process Grief

Sometimes life gives us pain and we experience the loss of loved ones, career setbacks, financial problems, marital challenges, or other horrible things.

When dealing with grief, our kids are not spared. They go through the same painful experiences. They feel it just as hard or even harder than us. When they see us breaking down under pressure, our kids suffer just as much.

Often we don’t see it, blinded by our pain and grief. It happens when a child sees a parent collapse under the pressure of their grief. That they do not know what to do, and end up blaming themselves.

Seeing their parents upset has a significant effect on the children. Children often don’t know how to process grief or how to deal with bad feelings.

They keep all their emotions locked up inside and start believing that whatever happened was their fault. That is why it is so important that parents teach their children to communicate what they feel. Making it easier for them to verbalize what they are going through and what they are thinking.

Teaching children that grief

Is as much a part of life as joy. It becomes easier for them to handle a loss or a parent being sad. They will know that it’s okay to feel bad sometimes.

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I’m working on a children’s book, about how to help kids process grief. In this book, we go through five stages of grief. What happens after death and how to move on from losing a loved one?

This is Sofia’s Story. She has just lost her mother and feels her grief is unbearable. She is lost and feels very alone. Her world has just fallen apart and nobody seems to understand what she is going through. Friends find it hard to understand her and expect her to move on. Her father seems to be lost in his sorrow.

The research for this book

Depicts reality and the fact that grief is as much a part of life as happiness is. It allows us to understand that death, no matter how painful it may be, is inevitable.

This book teaches us that losing someone that means a lot to us can happen. It touches on subjects like how to move on and how to learn to live without the other person. It also touches on aspects of the relationship between parents and children and how important it is to reach out to the child and help them process their grief.

This book emphasizes on. How important it is to be there for the children how important it is to communicate with them and teach them to express themselves. Talk about things even the unpleasant ones. Talking about things is a healing process for both parents and children and brings them closer.

Check out some of my other stories about empowering kids

I’m writing this book to help children and parents who are struck by grief or loss in their lives. This book is a helping hand to understand grief in a healthy way with their parents or other adults around them. It is healthy for children to understand that death is a part of life and how to deal with it.

Through Sofia’s life, I hope to give an understanding of the process.


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