Always Look At The Bright Side Of Life

Who knew 21 years ago I’d meet a person who was going to be a huge part of my life. I didn’t, but I feel fortunate that I have.

21 years ago I met a beautiful smiling girl.

At that time, being a teenager, insecurity was a big part of my life. When you are in your teens everything is about being accepted and liked by others. That is a very emotional and chaotic time.

But not with her, Amid all the chaos, she was calm. A person who was always content, happy, and always looked on the bright side of life. And that’s how it’s been as long as I can remember.

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Today she is one of my dearest friends, my daily dose of happiness. What’s so fascinating about her and the reason for me to write about her is that she has had hardship in her life. She has had plenty of it, and even if she ever fell down she always stayed strong and always came through stronger.

I know she was raised to always be happy, regardless of what the situation might bring and to always look at the good in it, to try to find something to be happy about.

This is exactly how she has chosen to live her life and I have always been fascinated by her, because without knowing she lives by The Four Agreements.

Her rules are:

  • Never gets involved in drama, she thinks life is too short for that.
  • She is very honest if you ask her something, you can always expect the truth.
  • Doesn’t waste her time. If she likes you she’ll give you the world. If she doesn’t like you, trust me you’ll know.
  • She always looks at the bright side of life, regardless of what challenges come her way. She knows in the core of her heart that if things are meant to be, it will work out.

What makes her even more amazing is that she has always lived by the rule “You are your own person and you have to take care of yourself”. There is no one else that can make you happy other than yourself. If you are not happy, you can’t make people around you happy either.

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As you can guess life is very easy around her: no drama, no second guessing, no judgment, just pure love.

For me, this is how friendships are supposed to be.

21 going strong and still making me want to level up.

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