When You Teach A Child To Hate

“Teaching a child how to hate is teaching a child to be a negative person in general.”

Nobody is born hating, so why do parents teach their children to hate and discriminate?
The fire of hate has to be kept alive, and it takes a lot to teach your child to hate.
You have to repeat the pattern. Voice your hatred, again and again, to fill your child with fear of “them vs. us”.
You have to justify (brainwash) and explain why you “have the right” to hate and make “the others” seem bad so that you can feel superior.

But hate does not come without a price. It is all-consuming.
Research shows that five minutes of rage can impact your immune system for up to six hours. Hate and anger will affect your mind, body, and soul. It can lead to anxiety, paranoia, stress, depression, and chronicle illness. Long term anger can eventually lead to serious health issues like a heart attack or stroke.

Teaching your child to hate…

Affects their physical and mental health. Raising your child to hate and fear harms the child.
Children who are taught to hate never learn the virtues of tolerance, regard for life, respect for individual differences, and mutual understanding because their moral development has been stopped.

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Hating also teaches your child to be a negative person. It robs them of the innocence of childhood and as an adult, challenge them to have a fulfilling life.
There is no such thing as “not liking black people”, other groups of people or believes, and call yourself a balanced or a spiritual person because the “not liking” will always attract more negativity and take a lot of energy in the process.

Hate will fuel the child to feel superior, ok to be judgemental, wake feeling of resentment and aggression. It will also lead to fear, endangerment of low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety. By teaching a child to fear others, you take away their sense of personal security.

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It’s hard to understand why any parent wouldn’t want their kids to have a happy and fulfilled life. Instead, they choose to cripple them with a mindset that only leads to a downwards spiral.
These parents believe that they don’t mean any harm. they just want to “protect their children” by keeping their children with their own, where they feel they would be safe. Fearing of the unknown is all-consuming, that they don’t even reflect on how much they cripple their child’s development to keep them “out of harm’s way”.


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