The Importance Of Picking Up Your Baby

It happens that I see a mother or father pushing a baby stroller with a crying baby. They keep on walking, instead of picking up the baby and comforting it.
Other times in busses you see parents busy with their phones and the baby is distressed, crying her heart out.

I just don’t get that, why?

There is research showing that there is a natural response in us when becoming parents, to nurture our baby when it is crying.
The research shows that the maternal brains around the world adapt so that mothers can quickly respond to a baby’s cry, pick them up, hold them and comfort them. It is a natural response in all mothers.

The research suggests that the reason for why some doesn’t pick their baby when crying might lie in the culture.

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Many chose not to pick their babies up so that they don’t learn that every time they cry, they are going to be carried.
With today’s knowledge, we know that this is a myth.
Babies are not manipulative, they have been inside of you for 9 months. When they come out, it’s a scary place for them to be and quite overwhelming.

You and your scent are the only things that they feel safe around. So pick him up, calm him down and then lay him down again, that’s it.

Another thing that been on my mind, read more here.

By letting the baby cry by himself and not comforting him, you are only teaching him that he is not safe, and the biggest stress factor out there is to “not feeling safe.”
You are the parents, and you are the one source of security they got.

Research also shows that those babies that were held more showed superior cognitive development as long as eight years later, Dr. Bernard found.
“Physical contact is the ultimate signal to infants or small children that they are safe. When a small child is frightened, the most effective way to calm him down is to hold him.”

So pick your baby up next times she is crying.

It will benefit you both.


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