Hope in Challenging times

Hope in Challenging Times

A lot has happened since last I wrote. I have given birth to a beautiful daughter. Who is turning 1 in a couple of days and I have been taking some time off to focus on her. 

Both good and bad things have happened while I been away. Today we are all affected by the Coronavirus somehow. It has had fatal consequences for people globally, and it can have fatal consequences for you and your loved ones. It is a scary thought and a hard one for many of us.

It’s a new reality we have to get used to. Every day we wake up to new cases of Corona deaths and new information emerging of people affected by it. First it was the elder to worry about, now the cases affected are getting younger and younger.

Listening to the media things can seem dark and doom-y but there is always hope in challenging times.

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It is important to follow the government guidelines:

  • Keep good hand hygiene. 
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth. 
  • Keep social distance. 
  • Cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze. 
  • Stay home if you are sick!
  • If you are having a fever, coughing having trouble breathing, seek medical care. 

In a time full of worry and panic, let’s try to help each other stay calm and optimistic.

There are many scary stories out there about what can happen and what will happen, what some people have experienced. Often it just half the story, all of it to create more anxiety and panic among people. A lot of conspiracy theories and doomsday prophecies are going around. About “why this virus is out” and “how it is going to wipe out mankind”. 

Let’s help each other by not spreading “fake news”. This only leads to more anxiety and more panic. Always check the sources you are getting the information from. Report it I’d it seems fishy, so we can have it removed.

As a mother of two wonderful kids. A wife, a daughter to dear parents, a daughter-in-law, a sister. Aunt to the most wonderful nephews and nieces and a loving and caring friend,

It is hard not to panic about the thought of anything horrible happening to our loved ones, especially with all the massive information (too much!!) we get daily about this virus from so many places.

In my situation, I feel I can’t afford to panic, and also I don’t want to. By choosing not to use too much energy on the Coronavirus. Minding my own business, stick to the health guidelines and try to surround myself with like-minded people (while staying the recommended 2 meters away from people if I have to go out).

I try to see this Corona situation as a lesson where we can learn important things:

Stay calm:

calmness starts at home. If you stay calm, people around you stay calm. It is not healthy for kids to experience stress about things they don’t understand and kids sense the energy surrounding their parents. If I’m having an off day my son immediately knows that something is wrong and reacts to this. Kids feel if something is off. That is why it is important to stay calm, help them understand if they have questions and cope with the situation while trying to keep as normal a routine as possible.


The Coronavirus has had a positive impact on climate change, our earth is healing itself. Our water is clearer, dolphins are swimming in the channels of Venice for the first time in 30 years, endangered sea turtles are hatching on Brazilian beaches. Air pollution is down, our air is cleaner. We need to see this as a lesson in humility, and hopefully learn something from it going forward. 


In the short amount of time the Coronavirus has spent with us, we are seeing amazing acts of kindness and humanity. The world has finally seen how healthcare workers, store employees, cleaners, truck drivers, teachers, and caretakers are keeping our society in business in these crises. Carrying our society on their shoulders and being appreciated for that.


I saw a doctor talk about when many old Corona-patients die, they are alone. Even after death, the family can’t even say their goodbyes because the bodies are still contagious. It made me so sad in my heart and this feeling stayed with me for a long time. It reminded me of something. I can’t stop thinking about the odd parallel, people fleeing from war and other horrible situations, going to an unknown place all alone surrounded by strangers and how many of them lose their lives at sea, never to be found and never get to say goodbye to their family. I hope these trying and horrible times can teach us compassion, help us understand why people risk their lives to save their loved ones. A loss of life regardless of how it goes will always leave people devastated behind.

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What we can do to help

Stay in, check-in with family and friends regularly and keep informed from the right sources. Communities have organized groups where you can offer your help and help out our elder and vulnerable members of society, so they don’t risk getting unnecessary exposure.

Let’s help each other stay safe, stay at home as much as possible and follow the guidelines from your government. 

We will get through this together.