Geek Pride

On a very beautiful sunny day the 25th of May, we had our first Geek Pride. It was such an amazing experience so wonderful to see how many people have shown up to support this fantastic event. I’m not a Geek myself, but married to one and know how important this event where for him.

For the longest time geeks have been showed in a box and labelled wierdo’s.  It has never been cool to be a geek and as fare as i remember it has never been something to be pround about. But now a days things seems to have changed. To see them standing there on a beautiful sunny day proud  and about to walk. The whole atmosphere sizzling with excitement, while the orchestra plays Star wars “The Imperial March” it was a sight for sore eyes amazing to be a part of.

I remember just a few years back, when it was looked down upon being a Geek. Im pretty sure it would not have been possible to have so many people showing up and supporting and exposing their inner superhero as they did today. I don’t know why but I was so touched by this event and I’m so grateful that I got the chance to experience it and somehow be a part of it, I really hope that it becomes a yearly event as it is in other parts of the world.

The reason why the geek pride made me so excited is that we see so much negativity in the media. Sometimes it seems like that all they ever write about have one aim which is to spread fear, hate and them vs. us mentalities anything goes to sell the papers. For me it was really nice to see that regardless of all that negativity in the news, tolerance lives in the best conditions and people actually tolerate each other more today than they did couple of years ago.

Have you ever seen those programs back to 2000, 90ties, 70’ties? If you see the hot topic from those times, you will know that we have been through harder times and with not nearly enough information on whats been going on. Today with the Internet and fast-track on news, it is harder to hide information and if you want to find some information, you will find it. It seems like life haven’t been easier than it is right now, but still sometime we make it hard for ourselves. I can see it on myself, every time I see the news or read a lot of papers I can help but getting worried about how much hate there is out there, what kind of world my son is going to grow up in and that any minute something bad can happen, because that’s what I see and hear all the time in the news. So I have actively chosen not spend that much time on the news.

So being the worrying type, it was really nice for me to see that tolerance still lives in the best conditions and we will support each other for the cause we believe in, even though a lot of time it doesn’t feel that way.

I’m not comparing geek pride with other issues, we are living with in 201. There are still so many problems with tolerance around the world. So many innocent people are getting killed in the name of religion, women are still being suppressed, people are killed for being gay, information is being censured and a lot of countries don’t have any freedom of speech. In 2016, we are still fighting to give people their basic human rights to be and exist. So compare to the bigger picture it’s not Geek Pride itself, but what it stands for,that made such a big impression on me.

It just shows how important it is that you have the freedom to be yourself, that you have the freedom to do and be whatever you want, you don’t have to hide, you can be exactly who you want and that’s what matters.

That’s what I’m going to pass on to my son, that everybody has the right to be whoever they want to be. That everybody have the right to have a voice and everybody the right to have an opinion.

To be one, to be united is a great thing. But to respect the right to be different is maybe even greater.”  – Bono

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