How To Motivate Yourself During Summer

If only you could snap your fingers and instantly become more motivated. Especially during these wonderful late spring and early summer days when the sun appear to be calling your name!
For those of you having difficulties staying on task when the weather is perfect, you’re not alone.

Here are a few ways to make sure you keep the work going during the summer:

Change your working hours.

Want to leave work at noon on Friday. Instead take a day off Fridays to have an extra-long weekend and enjoy it! Work those extra hours during the week. Knowing you can do that can help you enjoy the summer and keep you motivated even on the warmest days.

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Throw on your “thinking shoes” and get outside.

There are no reason you should to be stuck in your office. Take your laptop outdoors or arrange a walk and talk. Fresh air can helps spark new ideas and keep you motivated. Walk and talk are ideal for one-on-one or small group discussions. One Stanford University study found walk and talk meetings increases creativity by an average of 60 percent.
Moreover, walk and talk are great at fighting sitting disease. A University of Essex study found. People’s sense of well-being was improved by as little as five minutes of outdoors exercise.
Walking while having a meeting can even lead to better communication. As walking increases blood flow to your brain, helping you to communicate ideas more freely.

Plan Sunshine Breaks.

Being stuck in the office during a beautiful summer day is enough to keep most people upset. Instead of being stuck under the fluorescent lights, use your breaks to get outside and get some sunshine. Breaks should be taken regularly throughout the day. If you work for eight hours straight, you’re going to be burnt out by the end of the day. A mid-morning walk can keep you refreshed for the rest of the day. You can even schedule a little picnic or take your lunch break in a park. Just be sure to put on plenty of sunblock before going out!

Stay Hydrated.

As appealing as an iced coffee might be in the summer heat. You should change your caffeinated beverage for a healthier option. Drinking water is important, but remembering to staying hydrated during the summer can help boost your motivation. When you drinking water regularly, toxins are flushed out of your system. And you will have increased energy for the day ahead of you. As your body’s natural reaction is to sweat when it’s warm. It’s especially important for you to drink enough water to keep hydrated throughout the summer.

Set Up Goals.

If you get distracted easily or find yourself longing for the beach. Try making a list and writing down everything you have to do for the day, before going to the beach. Underline important tasks that must be done first. Prioritize those tasks and schedule a time frame for every task. It’s much easier to stay motivated if you have scheduled tasks ahead of time.

Dress with love.

The outfit you wear makes a big difference about the way you behave and feel. If you’re dressed to casual, you’ll feel casual. While dress codes are different from office to office, business casual is always an great option to wear at work. You should wear clothing that are great for the summer. Light materials and smooth colors are fine for the office. Try and keep a sense of professionalism to your look. If your outfit is professional, you’ll be more motivated to focus on your work. Instead of weekends or other outdoor activities.

Focus On the Task and stay Motivated.

Unfortunately work doesn’t stop just because it’s summer. You can still have a productive day regardless of the beautiful weather. Maintain your focus on the work you need to do and take breaks as needed. As long as you stay focused, you can stay motivated during the hot summer months.

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Take Time for Yourself.

Summer is the ideal time to take up an outside activity such as running, meditating or anything else. Whatever your option of activity may be. Just make sure to take some time for yourself. Hobbies let us enjoy ourselves and accomplish little goals which makes us feel good about ourselves and at the same time keep us motivated.

Stay Social.

In order to maintain a good balance between hours spent on work and friends remember to be social. A good time with friends takes the stress away and keep you motivated in your goal.

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