Four Steps To Action

Happy New Year  everybody!
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and got into the New Year safely.

For the first time (in what seems like forever) I was sick during Christmas, with the worse case of Influenza.
Before getting sick I had been working really hard with my goal planning for 2018.
Only the last but most important piece of the puzzle was missing, and I got sick.

We had so many plans over Christmas both businesswise and private and yet, I could just lay there and do nothing.

What I did get to do was to see a lot of Olafs Adventure, Masha and the Bear and lots and lots of Finger Family Songs. When you are taken hostage in your own sofa, then there is no escape.

When I was finally getting better and could focus a bit, I wanted to get started on the business part. My brain, however, wasn’t working at all and I was still too tired to focus.

My husband suggested that instead of stressing over all the things I couldn’t do, we should just take it easy and watch a movie together, just chill.

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I haven’t seen a whole movie for quite some time and still being sick, I could imagine myself doing it now.
I had to warn him that at some point he might have to go on without me.

We saw an amazing movie called The Climb, based on a true story on Netflix!
I was blown away!
It was just the thing I needed to get back on track. Throughout the entire movie, I just sat straight up and watched the whole thing.

It is such an amazing movie with such a profound message about a guy who set out to climb Mount Everest to win the love of his life.

He has no clue what he is getting into, the only thing he knows is that he was going to climb Mount Everest and that he was going to make it.

It was like seeing what Napoleon Hill’s thoughts from Think and Grow Rich unfold right before your eyes.

1. Desire

Have a desire that is so strong
that you are willing to burn all bridges behind you
to get it.

For this guy there was no turning back, he had made a promise to the girl of his dreams that he was going to climb Mount Everest. He had made a promise to his father, that this time he will not quit like he usually do.

He knew that this opportunity, that he had right now,  was a once in a lifetime opportunity for him. Either he’ll make it or he’ll make it, there were no other options for him. He even had a sponsor that gave him 40 000 Euros to cover all expenses, so it  was now or never.

What I love about the movie is that here is a guy from the ghettos of Paris, that has been told all his life that he has no prospects in life, no future, no job. This “Nobody” goes out and manage the impossible.

It is clear proof that you don’t have to be “somebody” to make it or have specific knowledge or a specific background. Any person with a strong enough desire to do what they wants can actually do it.

2. Fear & Doubt

Another thing that caught my attention was when he is mid-climb and he finally realizes what he has gotten himself into. He had a minor breakdown and wanted to back out.

Instead of listening to the doubt and fear he was experiencing. He saw his weaknesses for what they were and chooses to say stop!
Fear never conquered his mind.  Instead, it became a motivator to keeps going towards his burning desire and honors the promises that he made.

He persisted and now more than ever, he clearly saw what mattered for him and found his reasons for keep going.

He was tested so many times in the movie and things get really tough. Ever step there were new things to learn for him, like climbing etc. When you think “This is it for him”, he just kept going.

It is incredible to see how he uses fear to motivate him to keep going. Fear of not making it, fear of becoming a laughing stock, fear of turning back to base camp. He used it to stay his course.

3. Gratitude

His curiosity towards where he was and where he was heading was enormous. He couldn’t help but notice the beauty surrounding them, enjoying the food he ate, the tea he was drinking. He was taking it all into the experience he is having at the moment, in the Now.

Compared to the more experienced companions he was traveling with, who had done this climb or similar climbs so many times before, they were not in the Now.
They were so focused on what lies ahead, that their focus was constantly on the obstacle they have to conquer.  They didn’t have the time to appreciate the journey, their focus was only on the peak of the mountain.

You have to be appreciative of the things you have right now. You have to remember to enjoy the journey you are on because when you reach your goal then that’s it, the trip is over.

The learning process is now and every day is a new chance to make it better. Working towards your goal can be really draining and hard. When things don’t work out, most of the time you just feel like giving up or take a new approach.

Be dedicated, work hard and know that when you have taken a decision then you’ll stick to it.
Napoleon Hills writes that the trace of really successful people is that they reach a decision really quickly and then change it very very slow.

So instead of trying a lot of different approaches, take one approach and work really hard towards it, and reap the fruits of your work later.

4. Action

People use so much time preparing, that they never take action.
We study, we read, we research and analyze how others have done it or are doing it, but we never get to the point where we actually get started.

I know this from myself: Sometimes I’m so in love with the process of learning, that I never get to take action on it. I stay in the process of researching and analyzing.

Just like my goal setting for 2018; I have spent so much time studying, to getting it right and working on the ideas on how to approach my projects.
Then I got sick and since have had a hard time motivating myself to get back on track.

When I saw this movie and found out that this is a real story. I got so inspired by his approach to climbing Mount Everest.

Just do it!
He didn’t study to go climb the mountain, he didn’t read about all the risk involving in climbing Mount Everest, he didn’t even know how to do it.

But he took action and learns along the way, he was willing to take the risks and to do whatever it takes to make it. He didn’t once let his thoughts hold him back:
“I cant make it”
“I won’t succeed”
“I’ll just give up now”

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For him there was only one option, he just had to make it, just keep going.  He threw himself out on a challenge and kept moving forward.

This has inspired me so much, in my approach for 2018, to take action.
If I learn something new I’m going to apply it immediately.
If I research something, I’m going to use it then and there.

What I was reminded of is that the only obstacle there is, is you.
You are the one that can decide if something is possible or impossible.


Whatever you set your mind to, just do it.

Why wait?

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