[Inspiring video] Why Failure is Powerful

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When you start your own business, feeling like a failure time to time is inevitable.I have always seen failing as something very negative and often used it to put myself down. But failure can be a very powerful positive feeling if you use it right.

When I tried new things and failed at it, or I couldn’t make it work, I just gave up or thought “oh well that was not for me” and left it there.  That changed for me when I noticed that things that matter to me, I will spend hours and hours to figure out.

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I started applying that to my business; I keep digging or keep exploring till I learn and with time it gets easier.
There is no such thing as being a failure; it is how you use the feeling of failing, as a disadvantage or advantage to becoming better.

When I saw this video, I couldn’t help but relate. It is impossible to live without failing at something. If you put your mind into it, you can use such powerful feeling as failure to build something even greater.


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