[Inspiring video] Kids As Superheroes

I saw this video on Youtube about how photographer Josh Rossi, who uses superheroes to empower sick kids by transforming them into superheroes.

Identifying yourself with someone you look up to like a superhero sometimes carries a huge importance.
Especially in tough situations like fighting a battle like these dangerous diseases these children have,  it gives them the will to keep going and get well.

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Even with bullying, I remember my husband told me, as a child, while going through a period with severe bullying, that Transformer was one of the things that got him through.
Because there were times where his Transformer toys were the only thing that didn’t hurt him.

Still, to this day Transformers carries a big importance for him.

Because Transformers and other 80s cartoon taught him something important, that it was ok to be different and still have an importance in society. Just like this photographer showing these kids how strong they really are, projecting them as superheroes.

We need more projects for kids in need, sickness, bullying etc. Kids are the most important we have, they should have the best chances in life.

Photographer Transforms Sick Kids Into Superheroes

Inside Edition

Read more about why every kid should be the center of the universe.

What do you think about this video, let me know in the comments below.



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