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Lately the way media has been talking about refugees and immigrants, it doesn’t feel like its humans we are talking about, instead they just generally give a very negative picture of the whole situation.

They tend to forget that it is actually humans they are reporting about. People who are fleeing their beloved country to save their lives and the lives of their children.

Not someone who had nothing else to do, than to risk their lives to come and make your life miserable.

People often forget that many of these refugees are kids. Children just like the little precious ones you have at home that you’ll do anything for, Who is more dear to you than life itself.

But luckily there are good people out there every day trying to help these people, in any way possible.

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These entertainers travel to refugee Camps and put a smile on the faces of children, so they for some time can forget the situation they have been put in and instead just enjoy being kids.

That is one of the most precious gifts anyone can give these children. Attention, dreams and the belief that they can do anything.

Bless these humans, that makes such a difference in a kids life.

The Clowns Helping Refugee Children To Laugh Through Play | Amazing Humans

Video by BBC Three

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