[Inspiring video] You My Darling Girl Are Beautiful!

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I came across this empowering video of Pink delivering a powerful message to her daughter.

It saddens me that a 6-year-old feels like she is the ugliest girl in the world, when in reality she is beautiful, all kids are.

See this inspiring video of a girl overcoming bullying and building a business out of it.

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and to accept that makes us grow as a person. It shouldn’t be an insight we get as adults but be taught already as a child.

It actually reminds me, the other day we got a slip from Gabriels Kindergarten. The note was an introduction about a  a new boy, who happens to have Dysmelia. This means for him that he has a normal size hand and one small hand only 3 fingers.

What I loved about the slip was the way it explained how to talk to your kids, about the “difference” there might be and how his condition wouldn’t make him different from any other healthy kid.

I was so impressed with the letter that I have saved it. If I haven’t made it clear, I just love his kindergarten.

Why we need to teach our girls to be strong.

Teaching our kids to be nice to each other will make life so much easier for them, everybody can become a target when it comes to bullying.

Teach our kids good manners, I think it’s worth an effort.

Pink’s Powerful Message To Her Daughter.


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