[Inspiring video] Friend or Frienenemy

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Have you ever been out with a friend and come home with a feeling of that something wasn’t right?

Did you have this feeling that you just weren’t good enough the way you are ,after you left a friend?

I had that experience recently. After seeing a friend I just wasn’t happy and didn’t feel good. When I came home and my husband asked me “So how was it?” I said, “I don’t know, I think it was ok, I don’t know, something was off.”

I couldn’t put words on my feelings or what went wrong, I just know that being with that person didn’t make me feel good.

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A couple of weeks later I saw the same person again. This time the feeling just got worse, it already started feeling wrong when I was still with her. Again I couldn’t pinpoint the reason for me feeling this way.

I ended up getting annoyed with myself.
What was the problem?
Nothing happened, but I couldn’t shake the feeling.

In the end, two things were clear to me.

1. There was something about this person that didn’t resonate with me, and since I always felt so drained after meeting this person. I needed to stay away from her.

2. I needed to figure out, what was going on exactly since I couldn’t pinpoint the cause of my feelings.

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Almost out of the blue this video popped up, and suddenly it all made sense. If you are in some sort of toxic relationships this video might be for you.

Why fake friendships are ruining you.

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