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[Inspiring video] Dare To Be Colorblind

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The other day I came across a post about 10-year-old Kheris Rogers, a beautiful girl with a gorgeous skin!
Who got bullied in school because of the color of her skin, from both white and dark-skinned kids.

When her sister found out, she helped Kheris build her confidence by posting amazing pictures of her and her story went viral.
Seeing this, made Kheris launch her company, a Confidence-building fashion company to help others in the same situation.

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Two things stood out for me in all of this.

1. In this time and age, we are still very much focused on the color of someone’s skin. How can it be, haven’t we evolved further than this?

There is some that claim that because of skin color, people are different from each other. That is nonsense!
We are all one race, the differences between people lie in culture and upbringing, and not in the color of the skin or race. We are one race, and that is the human race. Claiming anything else is just ignorant.

2. She had a strong foundation in her family.
Her sister sees her beauty and helped turn the negative spiral around. She helped her regain her confidence and help others in the process.
Talk about taking something bad and making something good out of it!

But what about all the girls that don’t have that kind of support, who hate themselves because of the color of their skin, hair or body type?
Who are there to support them., to guide them through difficult times? Who is there to dry tears from their cheeks after horrible experiences?

As a society, we need to stop teaching the younger generations intolerance.  Instead, we need to show them tolerance and celebrate differences. Life is too short to let uninformed fear and ignorance control society.

Hate is taught, love comes naturally. Kids don’t see color the same way “grown-ups” do. Seeing color and being blinded by hate is a choice.  we choose what we want to imprint our kids with.

One day it might be our kid that is getting bullied for looking different and nobody deserves that.

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