I wrote these books to give my children some skills to be successful in life. I want to plant the seed as he is growing up and have an interest in stories.

My thought was, why not give all the children the same advantage?

Read more about how it is important to give our children a strong base.

I have five books out:

Baby Dino finds a new home – a book about imagination and visualization. It teaches children how they can learn to visualize and how it can help them achieve the things and goals they set their minds for.

Rosebud and the Mushroom family – is about praising and encouragement. It teaches both adults and children why praise is important, and what difference it can make in a child’s life.

The Lion cub’s first adventure – tells of the importance of having a positive outlook. Everything good or bad that happens in our life teaches us something and helps us grow as a person.

When the Bees Went Away – teaches about gratitude and what great things gratefulness brings along.

The Boy Who Helped – is a book about giving and receiving. To have a good heart and the difference YOU can make.

Jess the Service dog – is about believing. If you want something, focus on it and believe that it is yours and it will be.

These books will be released soon.

Sofia lost her mother – is a book very dear to my heart. It teaches children and adults how to deal with sorrow and loss, how to communicate, and how to move forward.

I actually wrote a post about this book, you can find it here.

When Baby Bird Learned to Fly – Talks about why it is so important to affirm positive teaching to children. It teaches children the importance of self-talk and believing in themselves.

These are the books that are coming out soon!

They will be released in English, Danish, and Swedish. I can’t wait to share them with you.