offers a compassionate and encouragement platform for living up to one’s full potential. Shamaila the founder of, further provides four pillars of support featuring researched articles, books, direct coaching and speaking arrangements.

Shamaila is a remarkable author and inspirational writer who has dedicated her talent and works to provide children with literary lessons for life and adults with empowering coaching and direction for finding the greatness within.

Born and raised in Denmark by her Pakistani parents, Shamaila’s diverse and culturally rich childhood gifted her with a depth of experience and understanding for the possibilities, changes and challenges children can face in their early years. Her books are a marvelous demonstration of how she is able to address questions and concerns that often go unvoiced by young children in a positive and imaginative way that’s fun to read.

As a mother to her kids Gabriel and Sarah, Shamaila was inspired to write children’s novels that would provide valuable lessons in a manner that’s comprehensible for children. With her first three books ‘Baby Dino finds a new home’, ´Rosebud and the Mushroom Family´ and ‘The Lion cubs first adventure´ now published,
Shamaila plans to complete her eight-book series, which will be available in English, Danish and Swedish.

Shamaila is an assertive life coach whose intuitive ability to read and connect with others on a deeper level is complemented by her fixer and doer attributes. With her wealth of experience in her field, she writes on topics in the self-development niche. Her uplifting articles provide readers with a true sense of compassion and understanding whilst also addressing serious subject matters with targeted and enriching solutions.